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Login Issues

If you can't login you should try to click forgotten password & follow instructions to reset. Please ensure you are using the email listed on the profile.

If your images are out of date you will need to update them to enable login (under 3's message us using the contact page for activation). Over 4's please inform the agency once you have your appointed studio images. If attending HQ studio in Rochester then you need do nothing once booked in.

Please always provide your profile email, password & child's name when messaging the agency re login issues.

If your images have been expired for more than 6 months please refer to the agency terms within the menu.


Industry Terminology

Artist - As we deal with models & actors, we refer to them collectively as ‘artists’.

Booker - Our staff who work in the client department and handle bookings for our artists are called Bookers.

Ultimate Client - Initially, our client will be our point of contact i.e. a casting director, photographer, director. The ultimate client will be their client, so usually the Brand, who have themselves hired our client to create the campaign.

Submission - When a client asks an agency for a selection of particular ‘looks’, or ‘types’ of artist and the agency then sends suitable artists details to the client.

Casting - This is another word for an audition and is when the artist has been picked to meet the client in person. The artist will be required to complete a form requesting personal information (incl. sizes, agency details etc) and the client may take a few photos, or do some filming. Anything you need to prepare will be advised by your booker, otherwise they are usually fairly informal and typically take around 5-15 minutes. Castings can occasionally run behind schedule so we always advise to take along something to pass the time, just incase!

Self Tape - Clients often ask artists to perform a certain task on film, or to just introduce themselves to camera. These can be filmed on a mobile device, at home, and are used to either narrow down artists prior to audition selection, or sometimes to replace the need to an audition altogether.

Pencilled/Optioned - When an artist is shortlisted for a job and the agency is waiting on a final decision. In doing so, an artist is also prevented from being booked with another client until a decision is made.

Recall - This is a ‘2nd audition’ and sometimes required if the client would like to see all optioned artists before making a final decision. A fee is paid to the artist for a recall.

Fitting - This is when models are booked to try clothing on, allowing the stylist to confirm correct sizings and to make any final adjustments before going on sale. 

Wardrobe - When an artist is required to attend a fitting for clothing to be worn for the job.

Confirmed - This is when an artist is definitely booked for a job. 

Call time - The time an artist is expected to arrive at a job.

Basic Shoot Fee (BSF) - The daily fee paid to an artist for working and usually referred to with commercial work. Model work is generally paid as an hourly, half day, or full day rate.

Buyout/Usage Fees - Paid for the rights to use footage, or images of an artist. The client and agency will negotiate rates on behalf of the artist and the amount would depend upon a number of things (e.g. territory, duration, budget, brand etc).

Standby/Back Up Artist - When an artist is booked as a standby to the clients first choice, incase of them not completing/attending the job. The standby artist will usually receive the usual day rate, but may not be used. Only the artist who appears in the campaign will receive any buyout/usage offered.



The easy way to scan and email documents using your mobile device

Tutorial available at

The principal is the same for all mobile devices

Sign Documents 

If you don't have a printer you can use to sign documents online.

Download Apps Below


Once a client queries an artist for work, the bookers contact that artist via the mobile number listed on their profile initially using our automated text service. The message and your response links to your profile for us to refer to so all parents must respond using the option you receive.

You may receive a text with all details of a potential casting, availability check, or straight shoot; in which case you respond ticking yes, or no. All you need do is click to respond and it will open in a browser. You opt for 'yes' or 'no' and then submit. The screen will display a notice to say it has been sent.

If a client is requesting further details (height check, another photo, or info) then the text will explain what is requested, why and where to email it (usually

You cannot reply to the text service, you will need to email  if you have any queries relating to the text received.


Visit and follow instructions, allowing you to then upload all licence doc pages as one doc onto your profile


Some people may struggle uploading images if the files are too large. This is a common issue especially when using images from a mobile device. Images should be smaller than 2mb in size.

You can downsize images quickly and easily here

If can also download one of the appropriate free Apps using the links below and reduce to below 2mb in size.

Instruction is straight forward and easy to use. 

An alternative 'cheat' method is to email the image to yourself, select to send as smaller option. Then save the received image to your device and then upload fhe newly sized image.

  APPLE (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod)




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